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3 Inches made all the difference!

Just delivered today for the Mark 1 build,

Fire Engine Red 75hp, 6x5x11 Centrifugal Pump's on custom built skids.

Its the things you cant see that matter the most, like the craftsmanship and attention to detail and did I mention the custom skid for these in line pumps.

It was only after we started working on this project that we figured out that the pocket this pump was going to be installed in was going to be tight once all piping, flanges, valves and fittings was included.

How tight? 3 inches made all the difference.

Was this a problem? Not at all.

As soon as we identified the need to change the specification we did just that. Instead of delivering the pumps on the standard 6" skids, we built custom 3" skids for our client.

Just this little 3" change saved our client several hours of redesign and fabrication.

So what little change can VIDA BEM help you with?

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