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Vision: To be recognized as a global supplier of high quality products and services, that works with the best people in the industry to  deliver unmatched service, performance and value to our customers.

•Mission: To only deliver safe and reliable products and services without compromising the safety of our people, our business partners and the environment we operate in. We strive to operate in an ethical manner that ensures an economically and environmentally viable future for our stakeholders and the communities where we work in.

Who We Are

VIDA BEM LLC is a minority owned business providing engineering support, design, manufacturing along with drilling waste management services and solutions to the energy industry.

At VIDA BEM we understand the unique challenges faced by our clients and are committed to providing safe and reliable products and services to help you manage your projects needs from start to finish. At VIDA BEM we provide everything from turn key waste management solutions to critical components required to maintain your process equipment operational. Whether you're looking to improve an existing process or implement a new fit for purpose process VIDA BEM is ready to support your team.

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