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High Shear Mud Mixer

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The High Shear-Mixer is an advanced, yet simple, mixer that vastly outperforms traditional mud mixing hoppers. The shear-mixer is nearly impossible to plug and has the highest additive loading rate of any venturi style mixer.


The mixing of chemical additives into drilling mud is a critical process that can have a significant impact on the overall time and cost of drilling a well.  However, mud mixing commonly receives less attention than other drilling processes because of its perceived simplicity. This can often lead to the selection of low cost, low tech, outdated mud mixing equipment that does not promote additive waste reduction, and is not fully capable of keeping pace with other drilling processes on today’s modern drilling rig. 


The High Shear-mixer also features a number of exclusive advantages that lead to abundant cost savings – related to both chemical additives and time, including:

  • Dynamic shearing of chemical additives into the fluid

  • Pre-wets difficult to mix additives such as bentonite or polymers

  • Prevents the formation of fish eyes or micro gels

  • Equipped with easily replaceable inserts

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  • Simple, robust design, no moving parts

  • Low maintenance with easy to replace internals

  • Highest product addition rate of any venturi mud hopper

  • Easily handles difficult to mix mud additives

  • Reduces product waste

  • Highly customizable to fit specific rig applications

  • High quality construction materials

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