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Mud Hoppers

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The 6" Mud Hopper by VIDA BEM is a rugged low-pressure, high-volume unit that makes it easy to accurately mix solid additives into drilling fluids. Driven at 40-60 PSI by the mud system’s centrifugal pumps, drilling fluid is forced through the hopper jet at a rate of 1100-1400 GPM. An integrated sack table gives handlers a safe, stable platform for easier pours into the hopper’s receiving basin. A 6" butterfly valve allows adjustable feed rates of 400-600 lbs of solids per minute.

The Mud Hopper and base plate are constructed of high quality plate steel. All surfaces are painted with industrial-grade epoxy to resist wear and corrosion. A second coat of UV-resistant polyurethane is then added in the color of your choice. The unit is delivered fully assembled with sack table, receiving basin, jet nozzle, venturi and adjusting valve for a quick and easy installation.

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• Low-pressure, high-volume design

• Easy connection to high-volume centrifugal pumps

• Operates at 40-60 PSI

• 1100-1400 GPM fluid capacity

• Feeds solids at 400-600 lbs/min

• 6" neck and butterfly valve

• 1 3/4" bore jet nipple

• Built-in sack table and receiving basin

• Epoxy coated

• Venturi included

• Fully assembled and ready to install

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