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Not only are we using the latest in mud mixing/mud shearing technology we are also incorporating ergonomic safety devices to reduce the need to bend at the hips or knees when picking up sack product. Designed for use where pallet loads vary widely and are changed frequently (Thinking of Barite and Bentonite).

The airbag and spring combination provides virtually linear response, the spring provides a measure of safety by supporting the unloaded turntable in the event of accidental air loss from the airbag. Fittings and tubing are simple with only two connections.

The unit is equipped with fork pockets for easy relocation and to provide a stable base that does not require lagging. The unique design offers workers complete 360 degree access to loads and the table self adjust’s as product is removed. Improve safety and ergonomics in your shop or field location, click below for more info.

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